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WISHH – a grant awarded by the Trustees of up to £5000 towards a  Retcam 3 camera i.e. for every £4 that Hull & East Yorkshire Hospital’s Charitable Funds provide Help for Health will provide £1 up to a maximum grant of £5000.

This appeal started because of a passionate and caring local family living in Hull with a 4-year-old girl who has a rare disease called Juvenile Xantho Granuloma or JXG. Their story follows:

“The disease resulted in her being blind in one eye and having failing vision in the other. Without a doubt, she was going to end up being totally blind. After diagnosis in Hull, over the last 2 years, she was seen in various hospitals around the country and a key piece of equipment used in her diagnosis was a specialised camera called a Retcam. Full details of how essential this camera was can be seen here:   

We believe if by placing a Retcam in the children's eye hospital, it saves the sight of just one child per year, then it is worth any amount of money and the sum of £105k is put into perspective. Hull & East Yorkshire hospitals estimate the Retcam would be used a minimum of 12 times per year based on current referrals to other hospitals. However, they have stated it would be used much more if they had direct access to one, probably by 10 times that amount. Unfortunately, the children themselves do not have the voice to make this appeal on their own. It is up to us as guardians, parents, brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles to make their voice heard. We have support from the Hull Daily Mail and they have requested they cover this appeal in entirety once we give them the go-ahead. They recently did an article on our family members condition in the Hull Daily Mail and it was also covered in the Sunday Times. Peter Levy from the BBC recently attended an event for us when we were raising funds for Candlelighters in Leeds and we are confident he will feature this appeal on local BBC TV. Any sponsorship however large or small would be featured on our PR campaign if this was requested by the donator. We are fully endorsed by the WISHH charity in Hull. We also have our own Just Giving Page. 'HeyHullRetcam'.”  

The Retcam Campaign