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VANEL – £9000 awarded by the Trustees to enable the production of a mini series to focus in the success stories of emerging young leaders in North Lincolnshire, who have been supported to realise their social action projects whilst overcoming mental and physical health issues. Working in partnership with Estuary community television's Billboard programme a mini series will be produced. The aim is to help the ypung people to increase their self confidence further by promoting their learning
experience and project journey in a 10-15 minute feature on the programme. The your people will learn more valuable new skills by being supported to write creative English scripts; find out about how best to present their work via TV media and generate more interest in their work. VANEL will showcase 12 young people from a range of different challenging health backgrounds, for example some with chronic health conditions; some with specific illnesses; others having mental health concerns; being socially isolated; having low self esteem; lacking confidence; having learning difficulties and "not fitting in".
The project will involve coaching the young people prior to signing up to participate in the TV feature; offering creative English script writing sessions; providing tailor-made sessions according to individual health conditions as to how best to present their social action projects on the feature and coaching them as to how to make the most of the opportunity to help the future development of their social action project. Promoting these good news and success stories for other young people with mental health concerns and physical health challenges to see they too will be inspired to engage in social action projects and the TV programmes will help them move on with their lives. The Billboard programme also produce the features on You Tube and they can be broadcast on other community TV stations so will reach a wider target audience.