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This is a six-month update from The Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Programme following the Help for Health donation of £10,000 in July 2015. The Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Programme at Castle Hill unit in Hull provides emotional, psychological and social support to young people with cancer throughout East Yorkshire.

This additional support has improved the treatment experience of young people, as well as helping to build their peer-to-peer support networks and reducing their isolation. The dedicated Youth Support Coordinator based at the unit expertly coordinates the programme. The programme has also been successful in reaching out to support young people being treated in the wider region through local and national activities and events.

The Teenage Cancer Trust are currently developing the Youth Support Programme to extend the support beyond treatment and are very grateful to Help for Health for supporting our work with young patients over the past six months. Over the past year, some 60 young in-patients have been treated on the unit. Many more patients have also benefitted from the day-patient facilities, which have an average of 25 appointments per month. At Castle Hill Hospital, the Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, Danielle has provided one-to-one support for each patient as well as organising a range of activities and events both on and off the unit.