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RUN WITH IT – a grant of £6,072 awarded by the Trustees of Help for Health to assist the “Run With It” charity to deliver a second healthy eating programme to primary school children.  The programme will be delivered at the KCOM Stadium.  RUN WITH IT reported the following from the first year’s funding:
Our weekly visits to the KCOM were greatly enjoyed by all the children and both enriched and improved their learning in the following areas:
  • Numeracy (e.g. tasks included calculating heart rates using mental arithmetic)
  • Literacy (e.g. learning and spelling anatomical terms, writing descriptions of menus)
  • Science (e.g. learning about the functioning of various relevant physical processes, such as digestion, respiration, cardiovascular output, aerobic activity, etc.)
  • PSHCE/SMSC (e.g. using skills of reflection and evaluation to judge and analyse consequence of exercise and diet choices. Children also partidpated in reflective discussions with peers and adults at school and at home.)
The children all showed an improvement in their understanding of healthy eating and active lifestyles (evidenced by science testing and classroom discussions before and after the visits) and in how improvements can be attained by anyone from professional athletes to young children. Many children reported an increased awareness of their food choices at home and at school, as well as an increase in their physical activity, prompted directly by their learning at the KCOM. During the programme, children were enthusiastic about completing weekly homework asks including monitoring and recording their food and activity choices in different settings. They enjoyed sharing what they identified in their lifestyle, linking this with (and therefore consolidating) what they had learned in their KCOM sessions, and also observing
the effects of any changes in their diet and exercise that they were inspired to make as a result. 
The Link teacher has been provided with a digital resource to be used across the classes summarising the content of the sessions and to further embed key healthy lifestyle messages. The resource will also be presented to parents with the support of pupils and staff in the schools' summer term parent craft session. 
According to the JSNA 2012 the percentage of Hull residents following healthy eating advice is very nearly the lowest compared to other areas. What better way to promote healthy eating and activity as part of a healthy lifestyle than here at a professional sports stadium. Using the environment and the professional sportsmen we
have delivered healthy lifestyle advice, food choice, physical activity, the science behind these topics and also promoting positive well-being /mental health through healthy lifestyle choices.
The 90 students have discovered what players really eat before and after a match, food as fuel for both the athletes bodies and their own, the science behind food groups and they have devised some fantastic pre-match and post-match meals for our rugby and football players. They have even kept their own food diaries to discuss the good/bad and how to make improvements! The children had a great time monitoring and recording their own heart rates during different types of exercise and were given the challenge of completing 30 minutes of exercise/physical activity every day for 1 week. Mrs Rogers class came up with some very imaginative ways of getting their 30 minutes a day! We have also looked at players training schedules, what sort of activities they might do, the importance of warming up and the effects on muscles and heart rates. The children have explored what happens in their bodies when they begin to exercise and how this can help in the battle against some illnesses - physical and emotional. Some of the Hull City Under 23 development squad have even been down to help out and offer advice.
To conclude their Healthy Lifestyle programme, the students had the opportunity to put all of their knowledge into practice and interview the head of High Performance at Hull FC, as well as members of the Hull City professional development squad, something I'm sure the students will remember for a long time to come. We are currently putting together a movie of the student's time here at Run With It, along with some of the facts they learnt to send back into school to share with the rest of the school and their parents. Huge thank you to all involved and Help for Health for funding this programme!