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Help for Health is pleased to be supporting the roll out of a 3½-year music and stroke rehabilitation programme entitled ‘STROKESTRA’.

The world-renowned Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is delivering this innovative music and health programme in partnership with clinical staff from Hull Integrated Community Stroke Service (HICSS), Humber NHS Foundation Trust.  Help for Health has awarded a grant of £5,000 a year for three years towards the cost of running the rehabilitation programme, STROKESTRA. 

The programme has been devised as a participatory creative music project with intrinsic medical objectives in terms of both the patients’ clinical rehabilitation and wellbeing.  The programme provides an extension of medical care provided by the Hull Integrated Community Stroke Service and supports patients to lead their own medical treatment paths.  The programme’s focus reaches beyond the patients to their respective carers and relatives wishing to participate.  This mixed patient-carer ensemble approach provides carers with hands-on enjoyable respite from their daily care responsibilities, and supports the development of the patient-carer bond through mutual enjoyment of musical activities.

In 2015, a six-month pilot scheme was rolled out to test and refine the effectiveness of group creative music making to support holistic recovery in stroke patients.  A total of 40 patients and carers took part in bi-weekly sessions, during which they worked with professional musicians and specially trained HICSS staff to listen to, conduct, compose and perform music.  The pilot culminated in an emotional public performance by STROKESTRA, the newly formed ‘stroke orchestra’, at Hull City Hall.

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                                                                                                               Photo by Nick Rutter