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The Trustees have awarded a grant of £2283 to REACT, a small charity, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for terminally ill children cared for by financially disadvantaged families. React will provide equipment that is beneficial to a child’s care yet unavailable through statutory sources. Although React will consider any item deemed essential, requests can typically be categorised as below:

Specialist Medical Equipment: e.g. E-flow Nebulisers; Sleep Systems; P-pod Seats; Suction Machines.

Mobility Items: e.g. Wheelchairs; Tricycles; Hoists; Car Seats.

Educational and Developmental Aids: e.g. Computers; Eye-Gaze Machines; Communication Aids; Voice Recognition Software.

Hygiene Ensuring Homecare Equipment: e.g. flooring; washer/dryer; bedding/clothing; fridge freezer.

Respite Mobile Home Holidays: The charity owns eight mobile homes at coastal locations across the UK where families may apply for a week-long respite break.

End of Life Costs: the majority of React children will not live to adulthood and the charity is able to offer support through the provision of funeral expenses or memorial headstones.

The above list is provided as an example and is by no means exhaustive. Items requested vary greatly from one application to another and it is for this reason React works closely with medical professionals such as those at Hull Royal Infirmary and Disabilities and Social Work Teams throughout the East Riding, who are able to advise and ensure that items requested are not only suitable but likely to significantly improve a child’s quality of life. With as many as 35% of children living in poverty in Kingston-Upon-Hull, the need for React’s services in East Riding shows no sign of abating and the charity continues to work with a large number of families caring for a life-limited child at home. The range of requests received can vary considerably depending on a child’s age, diagnosis and the nature of the illness. Recent applications have ranged from £53 for a sensory toy, all the way up to £13,946 for a powered wheelchair. This variation in requests demonstrates the vast need for React’s services from families living in a wide range of circumstances. Whilst a powered wheelchair is expensive and beyond the average household budget, some families are unable to acquire items costing just over £50. This demonstrates just how greatly families in throughout the East Riding are experiencing the financial strain.