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Platform  is a day-care provision to support young people aged 19-25 year who have a profound and multiple learning disability (PMLD), when full time education ends;  some of the most vulnerable young people in our local community. The facility opened in September 2017 and since then Plarform has purchased an adapted new mini bus, a web site, and converted an overgrown outdoor space into a sensory garden.  The provision is now full and there is a waiting list of young people who desperately need  support.  They believe there is a lack of provision in the Hull and East Riding area for the PMLD community.  A recent report by Mencap  ‘Involve Me’ identified people with PMLD as a forgotten group of people who are marginalised and excluded from everyday life, the growth experienced supports this research.   All of the young people attending Platform have life limiting conditions and need one to one support.  They aim to expand and allow the PMLD community to have the same rights as any other individual to engage with the world and to achieve their potential so that their lives go beyond being ‘cared for’ but to being valued for who they are.  Platform has a deep understanding of what the young people and their families need and how best to connect with those people.
To enable expansion  to meet the needs of the young people a double unit has been leased which sits next to the Platform Building, the unit has not been used for a number of years and needs a programme of refurbishment to make it fit for purpose.  The investment will enable Platform to expand and develop itself and have a positive impact on the PMLD community.
Platform have a have a 5 year business plan to ensure that  provision is stable to deliver the service and support  to meet the needs of  clients and keep them safe, as well as reassuring funders that monies supporting provision are well spent.
 The continuation of the partnerships that have been built with schools, multi agencies, commissioning teams and families is extremely important  and a major factor in the development of the provision.
Platform has a programme of transition in place for young adults who are due to start provision. Working in close partnership with special needs schools,  involvement starts some 12-15 months before the individual is due to start with Platform; a projection meeting with the school, multi agencies, parents and their child to ensure that Platform can meet both their medical and personal needs, and further help them progress with a tailored programme for each individual.   The individual and their families are  supported by Platform and from that point, the young person attends the provision with their support worker for a half day each week.  Platform currently have five young people, funded for five days a week, that are due to start the provision in July 2020 on the programme.
PlatformWe hold a regular parents forum to share ideas and support the families with the challenges that they face on a daily basis. The  young people attending have life limiting conditions and frequently spend periods of time in hospital. One of the ways Platform support parents is by providing their key worker to stay throughout the day at the hospital. One parent said:
"R has just spent five weeks in hospital because of the difficulties with communication and hospital staff not understanding the needs of R, family had to be at the hospital 24/7.  The additional emotional strain this causes the whole family R has two younger siblings and having R’s key worker at the hospital throughout the day gave us some peace of mind and allowed some normality for the family"
Platform is in the process of applying for CQC registration and it is expected we should receive accreditation by the 1st of December.
Platform’s employment strategy focuses on providing local people with a range of opportunities. Platform recognises that a highly trained motivated workforce is the cornerstone of providing good quality care to the benefit of the young adults in our care. In order to achieve this Platform recognise that training is the key, an intensive induction programme is delivered to all employees together with regular refresher training and the opportunity to undertake relevant qualifications supported financially by Platform.
None of the care, support and opportunities Platform offers to  clients is available through statutory services.