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Our Trustees have identified loneliness as a major health issue and at their March 2017 meeting, they approved a grant of £14,625 plus VAT to fund a three-month pilot to tackle loneliness in the City of Kingston upon Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire. 

The pilot is aimed at providing support for people, especially those who fall through the 'Net' of community and social care support.  The events will be held at Kardomah94 as the city centre venue, the Freedom Centre (east) and perhaps one more venue (north or west).  Initially a programme of weekly events will take place, promoted through the centres, charities and support organisations.  The Net will be a consistent/regular theme, building relationships and encouraging confidence building. 

Events will tap into the cultural entertainment skills within the region, including music, history, theatre, spoken word and film.  A weekly event at three locations is envisaged.  By collaborating with families, care providers, charities, social groups and community transport providers we hope to give people something to look forward to and the means to travel to venues in the City and beyond over time.

John Oliphant has been an inspiration to the project through his concern that people with physical and mental impairment in particular are becoming increasingly isolated.  Visitors will be invited to tie a knot to help create a physical net, to symbolise that nobody should slip through the ‘Net’ of community support.

Further information about this project will be available on from May 2017.