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of people living in East Yorkshire
and Northern Lincolnshire


The Trustees have awarded a grant of £5000, comprising the final sum towards a total of £25,000 required to purchase an adapted wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Motorvation currently have two adapted wheelchair accessible vehicles that are in constant use for transporting the disabled and elderly in and around the Hull and East Riding area of Yorkshire. This transport forms an essential part of the lives of many disabled people in the community and without it their activities would be extremely restricted. Both vehicles are in daily use for local shopping trips, visits to friends/family, college, church and anywhere else they require to go. People who use the services are disabled and or elderly and find using local taxis etc. extremely expensive. Motorvation have regular clients who enjoy seeing their volunteer drivers and build up close relationships. Without this service many of their clients would face rural isolation and be effectively cut off from the outside world. It enables them to remain in their own home and therefore keep their independence with the opportunity to use reliable and friendly transport as and when they require. Motorvation helps people to gain greater control over their lives and the practicalities of daily living with the aim to help people facing disadvantage to lead fuller, more independent lives.