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The University of Hull has two PhD studentships working to improve outcomes in diabetic patients and researching the effects of different levels of amputation on patients lifestyles. Historically in the UK the major amputations are performed above or below the knee level. These are theoretical advantages for patients if their amputation can be performed at the level of the knee rather than above the knee and our overall project is to collect evidence of these advantages and work towards a larger clinical comparing these two levels.

 The results found from this study will benefit patients in two potential ways: Through a greater understanding of the biomechanics of different amputation levels, building on local expertise in the Hull Limb fitting centre and the allied departments in the hospital and university to better serve the local population. By laying the ground work and providing justification for a full clinical trial of amputation levels. This would benefit patients nationally and even internationally if significant benefits to through knee amputation were shown. The disproportionately high rate of amputations locally would mean particular benefit to local patients.