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Improving the health and well-being
of people living in East Yorkshire
and Northern Lincolnshire


Discretionary Grants


The Trust wishes to consider applications for Discretionary Grants in the fields of healthcare provision, medical research and medical education.

The Trust is established for the relief of the sick and the mentally or physically disabled, in particular within the boundaries of the East Riding of Yorkshire, City of Kingston upon Hull and North and North East Lincolnshire by:

  • the provision of medical and hospital treatment and care not replacing any statutory obligation of government;
  • the provision of medical and hospital facilities, equipment and/or provisions not replacing any statutory obligation of government;
  • the provision of grants and assistance to the sick, mentally or physically disabled and their respective relatives, dependents and/or carers;
  • the provision of grants for medical research, medical education and medically related projects;
  • the provision of grants to benefit people living within our geographic area e.g. East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire.




All applications will be assessed by the Board of Trustees with co-opted expertise when considered necessary. You may be requested to attend for interview in support of your application.

We wish to receive applications in electronic format.  Therefore applications should be made through our on-line form or alternatively via our PDF file.  If the PDF method is used please download the PDF file, complete and save the file and send it as an email attachment to

The application should comprise:

  • The completed application form (in typescript if possible)
  • Your latest set of published accounts (or equivalent financial information)
  • Any supporting letters deemed appropriate
  • A curriculum vitae (Research application only)

The information will be circulated to members of the Board of the Trustees and invited experts if considered necessary. The information will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.



To apply proceed to application form. It is essential that the applicant makes quite clear which of the above objects is fulfilled.
(Research applicants complete all sections).