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We are pleased to confirm that the Trustees of Help for Health have granted £3,100 to the Douglas Bader Foundation to enable on one of the Bader Braves Young Aviator Days to be held on 2nd June 2017 at Hull Aero Club, Leven.  Approximately 25 children from East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire will benefit from this memorable and thrilling experience. 

The Bader Braves Young Aviator Days are designed to give children with limb-loss and other disabilities, what is very often their first experience of a flight in a light aircraft.  These experiences provide long-lasting benefits and are designed to help the children grow in confidence with the purpose of helping them achieve their own goals and objectives while undertaking challenges that help them overcome or come to terms with their disability, and cope with everyday life.  There can also be terrific psychological significance in the very act of flying.  Particularly for a child who may spend most of their life in a wheelchair, it is exhilarating to be higher than other people; looking down on the world is often an incredibly liberating experience for them.  Amputee children and their families are given the chance to spend quality time together, along with other children and parents who are in similar circumstances.  Children gain courage, confidence and firm friendships from spending time with others who are similarly disabled.              

For further information about the Douglas Bader Foundation please visit their website: