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At their September 2016 meeting, the Trustees of Help for Health granted £78,000 for the purchase of a synthesis unit in the forthcoming Molecular Imaging Research Centre within the Daisy Charity’s planned Molecular Imaging Research Centre (MIRC).  This will be the first centre in the world to have installed a GENtrace Cyclotron, manufactured by GE Healthcare and in conjunction with the adjacent PET-CT Centre will facilitate the development and introduction of new tracer products. 

Of particular interest in cancer imaging is a new technique for imaging prostate cancer using gallium-68 and targeting cancer cell surface markers.  This provides a step change in imaging of the prostate.  The new imaging technique is likely to spark a major revolution in prostate cancer imaging – improvements will come in image quality, spatial resolution and rapid imaging protocols.  Trials are ongoing and the new MIRC could be one of the first centres to bring this technology to routine use in the UK.

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