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Awarded a £1000 grant from our Lazenby Fund within Help for Health, Bundles of Joy is a baby, children and family charity based in Beverley supporting those in need in Hull and East Yorkshire aiming to relieve poverty and support disadvantaged families through providing clothes, toys, prams, cots, other baby equipment, toiletries and nappies. Families in need can be those affected by poverty, crisis, illness or domestic abuse. The Bundles of Joy service aims to:

Help relieve poverty at a time, which for many can be a very stressful and financially difficult phase of life. As poverty is one of the key indicators of poor outcomes for children, this support goes a long way to making the start in life much easier for many.

Support those affected by crisis which for many can be due to unforeseen circumstances or through not accessing the right help to manage on their own.

Offer emergency equipment when an individual finds they have had to flee domestic abuse or they have been removed from a violent situation. Often in these situations material things don’t matter. Bundles of Joy help by supplying the right equipment.

Provide a network for health professionals to be able to get help to families who really do need it.

Bring communities together, The Bundles of Joy service is all about team work and can only provide the service with the amazing donations, fundraising and help the public offer.

From very small humble beginnings the charity was launched in November 2016 and with a huge amount of donations being given there was certainly no shortage of equipment. Bundles of Joy has now established strong links with a wide range of agencies such as Social Care, Citizens Advice Bureau, Children's Centres, Health Visitors and Housing amongst others. These agencies are now referring families on a regular basis ensuring relevant items are passed on to the needy families. in 2017 help was provided to 190 families.

Sleep Safe and Well is about babies and young children being able to sleep safely. By encouraging the practice of safe sleep, Bundles of Joy are helping to reduce the risk of SIDS sudden infant death syndrome also known as cot death. Referrals have been received for cots to be provided as babies in disadvantaged families have been bed sharing, sleeping on pillows on the floor, sleeping with parents or sleeping in prams and car seats. These situations are very unsafe and can cause death. By providing what a lot of families deem as a basic piece of equipment with a mattress they are ensuring a baby/young child is safe and secure while they sleep.

Bundles of Joy say “By having this grant as a charity, we can ensure parents are providing a basic safety need for their baby and we are also helping them in a situation where the family are deprived of being able to afford or get a cot. Families, children and single parents can become disadvantaged very easily through poverty, crisis, domestic abuse and illness. Bundles of Joy is there to support these families where we can. We work closely with health professionals to ensure this help is given to the vulnerable and the genuine cases in our area. It’s sad that we are needed but if we can make a difference to one family then that's one family more than if we weren't around.”