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Help for Health have approved a grant of £750 to Aim Higher, a new local charity, whose main objectives are to empower families facing autism, mental health and educational barriers. 

Aim Higher holds monthly parent support meetings and has recently had a request from some of the parents regarding safe restraints for their children.  Aggression and physical abuse is common from some autistic children and parents are usually the brunt of such outbursts.  The problem is, as parents get older and weaker, children become bigger and stronger.  Many parents have injuries from trying to restrain their child, in the attempt of keeping the child, themselves or siblings safe.                                                          

The Help for Health grant is to fund a one-day training course for 25 parents delivered by trainers who normally deliver to health professionals.  The training will provide parents with the skills to safely restrain their child, in order to keep themselves or siblings safe.  This training could prevent a vulnerable autistic child hurting themselves, injuries to parents and it will provide some needed confidence and skills to the parent who dreads taking a child out due to physical meltdowns in a public place and not being able to manage them in a safe manner.

For further information about the Aim Higher charity please see their website: