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In June 2013 Help for Health provided support to Professor Michael Fagan’s project to improve the identification of children at risk of Perthes’ disease. 

Perthes’ disease is a destructive disease of the hip joint that affects children, especially boys, between the ages of three and 14 years.  Walking can become difficult and painful and children are typically around five years old when first diagnosed. 

The team wanted to develop new screening guidelines and also look for ways to prevent the disease from taking hold.  They have created a 3D growth series of the hip joint between the ages of six months and 20 years.  This has not been done before and means that it is now possible to identify average hip geometry in young people of any age.  This is better than relying on a model based on one individual whose geometry may or may not correspond to the average for that age.  The team plan to publish the growth series, making this valuable data freely available to other researchers.  The project is raising awareness of the contribution of biomechanical factors in the development of Perthes’ disease and their further research until August 2016 will be investigating this.

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